Lust Week Review

In this day and age, it’s hard to find something truly revolutionary, something legitimately groundbreaking.

The big idea behind Lust Week is actually extremely innovative, so we’re very excited about this review.

Let’s see if the site lives up to the promises made.

Closer look into

Navigation and Design

Simple designs are in vogue right now and there’s a very good reason for it – they all look amazing. Lust Week’s main color is black, but you do get to see pink and blue highlights to spice things up. At the very top of the main page, there are five links – Intro, Sample Week, Updates, Login, and JOIN NOW.

If you were to click on the Sample Week button, you’d see several previews featuring one of the featured pornstars. At the moment, Lust Week is promoting their 7-day set with Nancy A, one of the most promising European pornstars of this era. Each video has a large preview picture, a quote, and a witty title. As a bonus, you get candid pictures from the featured hottie.

If you were to stay on the main page, you’d find a mission statement from the “Lust Director”, previews videos for previous weeks (including valuable data – the girl’s name, runtime of all the videos, number of photos and orgasms), quotes from the babes involved, and some other interesting stuff.

All in all, we are going to say that Lust Week’s design is gorgeous and doesn’t appear derivative at all in the slightest.


As we mentioned before, Lust Week is pretty damn innovative. Every week is fully dedicated to a single hottie. You might think that this is way too gimmicky, but it’s anything but – it’s a deep 7-day dive into the psyche of a stunning pornstar. With every single video, we learn more and more about the girl’s true personality and what makes her tick sexually. Each and every single beauty opens up about her unfulfilled fantasies, twisted desires, and hottest sexual experiences.

With that information, people behind Lust Week come up with different ideas that are individualized. For example, during the first day, a girl says that she’s always wanted to try interracial sex. The following day, you’re going to see her getting railed by a BBC. It’s all very flexible, so you don’t know what you’re going to get until the day of. The content plan hinges on the babe in question, i.e. her innermost fantasies and bucket list items.

One more notable thing – fake orgasms are prohibited at Lust Week. What you get on that website is 100% authentic and that’s not something you get to see every day.


Among the babes featured on the website, you will find Debora, Nancy A, Mila Azul, Hazel, Anna Di, Sofi Smile, Eva Elfie, Haily Sanders, Anie Darling, Stefanie Moon, and Alexis Crystal, along with many other beauties.

Since Lust Week is a European porn site, their roster is filled with promising and popular Euro porn actresses. If that’s normally a deal-breaker for you, you should still give this one a shot since the core idea is so creative.

Stats and Quality

  • 50+ stunning videos in high quality – with every passing week, we get at least 10 videos on average, so this number is going to be outdated soon (or it’s already outdated by the time this review is published).
  • 15+ models featured in the index – even if you don’t normally enjoy watching European pornstars, you still have to give these beauties a shot!
  • 14+ hours’ worth of hardcore porn – with the prettiest European girls out there.
  • 10 real orgasms on average in seven days – that’s what awaits every babe that dares to do business with Lust Week.
  • Neither sexual fantasies left unfulfilled.
  • Innovative idea – It cannot be stressed enough, there are no other websites that offer a similar experience. What you get here is 100% unique. In our humble opinion, that idea (one girl = one week, every fantasy fulfilled) is what going to make Lust Week one of the most popular paysites of 2020.
  • Bonuses from the beauties – The generous porn stars from Lust Week are going to give you some amazing bonus content, including their candid pictures and videos. The kinda thing you see on OnlyFans or paid Snapchats.
  • All content is 100% exclusive – You won’t be able to find it anywhere else and that has to be worth at least something.
  • No fake orgasms – While many other porn studios encourage the girls to fake it as frequently as possible, the people behind Lust Week want the girls to experience genuine orgasms only. You can tell that it’s important for them because they list the number of orgasms next to every week.
  • Fantasy fulfillment – It’s great to see your fantasies get fulfilled, it’s great to see other people’s fantasies get fulfilled. You can sense that genuine excitement as the girls finally get to experience something they’ve been dreaming of for a long time.
  • Not too many videos yet – That’s more than understandable, the website launched not too long ago. Hey, you have to write some cons even if they’re complete and total nitpicks, you know?
  • Not too many big names – That might be the only thing some people might consider a “flaw.” European pornstars are not as popular as their American counterparts, so some might say that Lust Week lacks that star power. YMMV on how important that is. Also, we think that this site is going to do business with the biggest names in the adult industry very very soon.


The conclusion is rather simple, really.
Lust Week offers you an experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Each and every single woman featured on that website is good-looking, open-minded, and thoroughly entertaining. Watch one girl’s journey to sexual fulfillment is always exciting because you never know what’s going to happen and how many times, she’s going to cum for the cam during the week filled with lust and passion.
TL;DR: Sign right the fuck up! It’s THAT good.

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