I Know That Girl

I Know That Girl

I Know That Girl is reality porn at its finest. It comes to us from Mofos, a network of beautiful sites featuring beautiful and talented girls, high quality videos, and inventive ideas that will keep you stimulated and ensure that each scene offers something new and different while keeping the same blissful hardcore sex, cocksucking, anal fucking, and cumshots that you want to jerk off to.

Hit up the site and you’ll see that most of their updates are tagged with “couples fantasies,” which is a nice way of saying they’re playing out some of the naughtiest desires guys and girls have. I’ll get more into the actual content a little later, but you can rest assured that you’re getting really hot stuff as a member.

Site Navigation
The member’s area features a clean, simple design, much like the tour. They’ve invested time and effort in making it easy to access their content.

On the main page you can see the latest updates, browse to the many bonus sites that are included with your membership, and preview upcoming content (which you can access early with a VIP membership).

Once you dig into the I Know That Girl content you can browse by date added, rating, number of views, and number of comments. You can also search by tag or by girl if you happen to know the name of a lady you’re really craving (if you saw her on the tour, for instance).

The videos can be streamed in 720p HD, but you’ll have to pony up an extra $9.99/month to download them or stream in 1080p HD. That’s an exceedingly annoying feature that’s only mitigated if you sign up for multiple months at a time (you get a 33% discount for joining for three months at a time, for instance).

The Content
The original idea behind I Know That Girl was that you were getting access to a treasure trove of sex tapes and revenge porn clips. They’ve long since abandoned the revenge porn aspect (since it’s illegal in most states now) and have embraced that what they’re making is really good, scripted reality porn. In fact, it’s some of the best reality porn I’ve ever seen and I think you’ll agree.

The quality of any porn site hinges on the girls they bring in, and at I Know That Girl they do a tremendous job of recruiting perfect young chicks. They’re just the right kind of beautiful, too. They’re almost all irresistible in that girl next door kind of way, which makes them ideal for the kind of reality smut they’re making here. Chances are good you’ll recognize some of the girls from previous work in porn, though some got their start on this site.

There are 465+ scenes in the member’s area, each with a picture gallery and a video for streaming (or download if you pay extra). They update every week like clockwork and your membership also includes access to the entire Mofos Network, which offers more than 3,000 videos and several sites that update regularly.

I Know That Girl is the best site of the bunch and it’s the sheer variety of scenes that I like best. In just the last handful of scenes added there’s a stepdad banging his 19 year old stepdaughter, a guy fucking his boss’s young and sexy daughter, a hot girlfriend putting her man in bondage before fucking him, a cheating girlfriend, a girl fucking to get out of a theft charge, and more. They genuinely work hard to come up with something different for every scene, which separates the site from most others in the reality porn niche.

It’s like you’re getting access to every reality porn fantasy ever crafted, only in one site instead of having to join all of them. As you dig into the archives you’ll see more of the revenge-style content and less imagination in the crafting of their scenes, but you have to dig pretty deep for that.

  • Each Scene is Something New and Sexy – My favorite thing about this site is their inventiveness in coming up with seriously sexy ideas for each update. It’s like the best of every reality porn site all rolled into one and it’s relentlessly arousing because of it. They’re even eager to delve into subjects that are slightly taboo, which is so hot.
  • They Cast Perfect Girls – Peruse the updates and you’ll see that there’s a very specific type of girl they like for I Know That Girl. They’re going for the cute girlfriend or the girl next door. It’s the kind of girl that’s sweet but still beautiful and sexy. They mix in familiar faces and girls you’ve likely never seen before to keep things fresh.
  • 1080p Videos at 12,000k – This one comes with a slight caveat because you have to pay extra to access the 1080p videos and to download anything. However, there’s no question they provide exceptionally high quality content for their members. It’s hard to find video that looks this good online, especially on a reality porn site.
  • Network of Bonus Sites – As a member you get access to the Mofos Network, which features 9 other sites. All the sites are in the reality niche and they cover a wide range of pleasures. Let’s Try Anal features girls enjoying their first ass fucking and Public Pickups is a great collection of scenes featuring guys paying chicks on the street to fuck.
  • Must Pay to Download – Unfortunately, they make you pay an extra $9.99 for the privilege of downloading their videos. They also keep the 1080p videos behind the extra paywall, forcing you to pony up if you want access to the best content in the member’s area.
  • Older Content is Lacking – There was a time when they tried to pass this site off as a collection of sex tapes and revenge porn videos. It never really worked that well and I think you’re best avoiding those scenes.

I can’t imagine a better reality porn site than I Know That Girl. Honestly, I can’t imagine a site that’s much better at doing this particular kind of porn. I’m astounded at how inventive each scene is and how many fantasies they manage to cover in their 450+ video collection. They update weekly, the girls are gorgeous and talented, and the videos are high quality. The only real downside is that you have to pay extra to download anything. Other than that, this is well worth your time and money.

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