Fake Taxi Review

faketaxiI love a great premise for a reality porn site, and Fake Taxi definitely has a great premise. The idea is pretty simple: A guy picks up hot chicks in his taxi and fucks them in the back seat instead of giving them a ride to wherever they’re going. Somehow he always talks his way into the panties of the girl riding in back and he always has a good time.

I believe the site is filmed in England, though they could be taking their taxi to other European locations. Either way, you’re getting lots of Euro girls and British ladies, which makes it even better if you’re used to American porn. These girls seem a little bit naughtier, that’s for sure.

Site Navigation
The member’s area is a fairly simple affair. The main page features the latest updates and you can browse by page. Skipping to a specific page is a bit of a pain, but it shouldn’t be necessary all that often. You can also browse a list of the models or go to your bonus sites to see more Fake content. It’s possible to search by tag (anal, blowjob, creampie, etc) and you can save any scene to your favorites if you want to come back to it.

Each of the 500+ scenes can be downloaded at 1080p and 6000k or you can stream at your leisure. There are lower resolution versions available as well.

There are no picture galleries, which makes perfect sense when you watch the content. There’s no room in that car for a photographer and it would impact the reality fiction they’re building here.

The Content
First and foremost, I love the commitment to creating genuinely convincing reality porn at Fake Taxi. This is honestly as believable as it gets, which goes a long way towards making the content a great deal hotter. Each scene is shot in a very roomy cab (they’re bigger across the pond) which allows for plenty of space to fuck in any position necessary in the back. They usually do it in spots that seem really public too, which I love.

Each scene at Fake Taxi begins with the girl getting in the car. Soon after the cabbie strikes up a conversation and at some point it transitions to talk about sex. They do a good job of mixing it up. Sometimes the girl doesn’t have money and she’s going to pay with her pussy. Sometimes she’s a pornstar that’s happy to fuck in the backseat. Sometimes she’s coming home from a disappointing night out and she really wants to get laid. It’s always something and it’s usually really interesting.

The guy then pulls over, gets in the backseat with her, and they start getting into all sorts of naughty stuff. The sex is varied from scene to scene as a variety of positions are utilized. There’s a particularly nasty quality to the fucking that I love. I don’t know if it’s because it’s car sex or because British girls (and European girls) are especially naughty, but it feels dirtier than most American porn sites, and I absolutely love it.

I’ve seen a few videos where the cabbie pisses in a girl’s mouth and she eagerly opens wide for it. There’s surprise anal sex, ass to mouth blowjobs, rimjobs for the old and chubby cab driver, and lots more stuff like that. I think it makes the site better, though you might disagree. That’s why I’d recommend watching the free videos on the tour.

I like that they bring in a wide variety of girls. They’re all beautiful and talented, of course, but they run the gamut. Some are classy and breathtakingly gorgeous, while others are trashy (in a good way) and act exceedingly slutty from the moment they slide into the car. It’s a small thing, but I like that there’s a wide variety of outfits worn by the girls and that many of them keep some of their clothes on during the scenes. It just makes it sexier.

  • Commitment to the Fake Cabbie Setup – It’s admirable that they do such a good job of selling the setup of this reality porn site. They largely use stationary cameras hidden inside the cab and cut between them, which gives the site a genuinely real feel. Plus, the cabbie does a good job of finding different wants of convincing the girls to fuck.
  • Great Variety of Girls – Unlike some sites, they make a conscious effort to bring in a wide variety of girls at Fake Taxi. There are ladies you’d swear could be lingerie models, trashy chav types, sweet girls next door, and lots of others. In the end they all get fucked, but it’s nice to see so many types.
  • Fucking in Public – They park the cab out if the way before they start fucking, but they’re always parked in a public place. It’s very likely people see what’s happening from time to time, and that makes the content so much hotter. Again, it goes to the idea that they’re really working to make this feel like real stuff.
  • Lots of Sexy Outfits – I might like sexy clothes on girls more than the next guy, but I really enjoy that there’s a wide range of outfits on the girls here and that many of them keep the clothes on as they fuck. It’s fun to see a chick getting banged in a mini skirt and sweater as opposed to her just stripping naked.
  • Network of Fake Porn Sites – You get access to the Fake Hub as a member, which offers 6 extra sites. Each features the same basic idea. There’s a fake modeling agent that fucks the girls that come in for jobs (including lesbian scenes), a fake cop, fake hospital, etc.
  • Limited Sorting Options – Within the Fake Taxi member’s area, there are no sorting options. You can only browse by date added. Within the full Fake Hub network you can browse by popularity, vote score, etc. It’d be nice if there were more tags, too.
  • No Photos – I understand why there aren’t any photos, but I feel it’s worth mentioning in case you skipped down to the pros and cons section.

Fake Taxi delivers on its premise better than most sites, offering you 500+ videos of a taxi driver fucking his passengers in the back seat. The girls are beautiful, slutty, and willing to do some truly crazy things in the name of pleasure. They park in public places to fuck, the cameras capture the action from all over the car, and there are some naughty surprises thrown into scenes that should really thrill you. All told, it’s well worth the money, especially when you include the bonus sites.